About Me


I am a Navy veteran who became an emergency medicine physician only to realize his true passion was real estate investing.

My financial awakening was gradual and coincided with the impact of enormous changes in the medical field.

Sound like you?

Many doctors find themselves trapped in a system that devalues their commitment and skill despite the fact that they accepted crushing debt to be educated. To add insult to injury, after entering the medical field they were expected to accept changes in health insurance processing that resulted in declining reimbursements.

But the pain didn’t stop there. Next, powerful third parties, huge corporate entities, arrived with a solution: We’ll control the billing—no more brain drain, Doctor—if you’ll become our employee with a fixed income.

Here’s what you need to know about me: I decided to fight back.

My journey is instructive. As a middle-class kid I habitually under-achieved and had no hope of entering college. These days I am known as a family man with skills that have dramatically expanded his net worth—all while practicing medicine and raising four children with his wonderful wife.

If I can do it … why not you?

The loss of autonomy among physicians has led to serious discontent and burnout. Many of our best and brightest are merely trading time for money.

Some people might ask, But what’s wrong with that? At least you’re making a good income. Better than most.

When we lose our freedom to expand our assets, retire school loans and support our families, we are not fulfilling personal dreams. We are ciphers laboring on behalf of corporations that seek economic dominance.

My wife and I now live life on our own terms. Will you join us and take back your autonomy?

I am dedicated to educating doctors and other professionals on how to use private equity investing to create multi-source income and positive cash-flows that lead to long-term growth. If you are still in stocks and mutual funds, I believe you will not achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Real estate investing is my passion because it is also my salvation. I could retire now. Instead, I prefer to teach my fellow professionals why their main source of income is only the beginning.

Freedom means always living well in the Black!

All the best,