Will my 2017 Passive Income Public Speaking Tour include your school, institution or medical group?

Even the best and brightest doctors and nurses often lack a financial education. It’s not their fault. Medical schools do not offer classes on money and how to run a business.

I want to help change that.

  • Do you oversee young doctors who are eager to enter professional life, yet are burdened by student loans?
  • Are you a member of a medical group with a high annual income who is not satisfied with the performance of your 401 (K) portfolio?
  • Do you manage an emergency room at a busy hospital and worry about the fatigue and wellbeing of your staff?

My presentations are designed to help new and veteran medical professionals take control of their financial future. Although early retirement may be the goal for some doctors, my immediate concern for this community is improving quality of life—now—so that we all stay healthy while continuing the work that we love.

Why invite me to speak?

I served in the U.S. Navy before entering medical school and then joining a medical group. I was rescued from a difficult situation by my love of real estate. I now manage a network of micro-hospitals, as well as $40 million dollars in assets with my brother Tim, the former chief operating officer for Great Wolf Resorts.

Passive income expands net worth. Our evidence-based investments have allowed us and many other professionals to turn a “rich” annual income into lasting wealth.

Why crawl to the golden years? We are better doctors when we enjoy time away from work with our friends and families.

The 2017 Passive Income Public Speaking Tour will come to you—if you contact me soon to set an appointment. 

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